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gamsat practice test


Here you can find our free gamsat practice test. This test is a section 3 mock exam. Our team have created this gamsat practice test so students can test themselves and practice their Section 3 skills under timed conditions. 

This gamsat practice test consists of 55 questions to be completed within 85 minutes. It is highly advisable that students attempt this practice exam under timed conditions. This will give an accurate indication of a students ability for the real GAMSAT Test.

What to do after you complete the gamsat practice test?

Students should check over all the answers and see where they went wrong. This gamsat practice test contains fully worked solutions. Students should check these solutions for every questions they answered incorrectly. In some cases they may be incorrect due to a mistake.

Simply write down the questions that were incorrect due to a mistake and the questions that were incorrect due to lack of knowledge.

Examine the worked solutions and make a mental note about the mistake you made. When you do this mock exam again in a few weeks time, make sure you don’t make the same mistake.

With the questions that were incorrect simply revise over the respective material. The questions in section 3 of the GAMSAT are either Biology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, or Physics related questions.

Students can learn this content from text-books, videos (youtube is a great start), Khan Academy, or GAMSAT specific study guides released by a number of different companies.

So, this is how we prepare for section 3. Learn and Practise! Students should remember that section 3 of the GAMSAT is worth double! So when ACER calculate your overall GAMSAT score it goes like it:

[(S1 Score) + (S2 Score) + (S3 Score x 2)] / 4

Now we can see the importance of scoring well for section 3. So, go ahead and attempt this gamsat practice test and good luck!

gamsat practice test